Internal hard drive issues

Hi all,

Looking for a bit of advice. Couple of nights ago, i booted up my Live Hub, browsed to Video and discovered the existing directory structure had vanished, the only directories that remain are:   console   found.000   found.001

Under Windows 7 I cannot see the Hub as a Computer, but can see it as a Media Device. I’ve tried ‘Clear Media Library’, Reset to Factory Settings, and a hard reset on the device. Under Disk Manager no drive is recognised. 

In the web management app, the device is not shown in the Storage drop down, but, in the breakdown of storage space down the bottom  the correct amount of data is marked as ‘Other’. The hard drive is spinning, so perhaps the file system has been corrupted?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m running firmware 3.04.17.

Many thanks

That sounds like a faulty hard drive, I think is better for you to contact tech support to replace it