Internal Server Error

I cannot access my personal folder via MacOS finder
I can only access the folders “Public” and “TimeMachineBackup”

Once I click “Connect as” with my local ac/pw, it fails.
I can log in to the “Manage Device” webpage with my local ac/pw. However, there appears “Internal Server Error” once I try to reset the local ac/pw or turn off the local access.

I have tried “Clear Device Settings” many many times. It doesn’t help.
Every time I clear device settings, the local access works for few days. After that, it fails again.

Is there a real solution??

MacOS is a defective operating system.

It mangles file and folder permission on a network drive such as the My Cloud Home (MCH). The only way for the network drive server (MCH here) to operate properly is for the NAS to proactively predict the permission error done to it and actively corrects the errors. The problem is compounded by the necessity to add intelligence to the corrective action because macOS is constantly changing with each version, even minor versions.

My Cloud Home OS4 detected file system permission errors after macOS has mangled it on the hdd and reports that it is no longer able to read and write reliably to the hdd.

Obviously ‘Clear Device Setting’ helped, just as long as macOS doesn’t write to the MCH.

You can see an example of the macOS permission errors plain as day here:

So the corrective actions are:

  1. Don’t do SMB (samba) write to MCH using macOS or other defective OSes. Don’t run an app on the macOS that will directly write to the MCH. Both AFP and SMB are full of errors on the macOS.
  2. Do continue to use Clear Device Settings as needed, it is the only choice you have for local access.
  3. Go shop for a NAS that has predictive and corrective functionality that can correct macOS SMB client errors. Such a NAS with AI doesn’t really exits, but there are NAS that have frequent firmware updates that is tailored to macOS that can somewhat fix new macOS errors as they frequently come up.