Problem with local access

problems with local access since this morning accessing my NAS locally but I can no longer see the folder containing all my files

Same happened here. been trying to access the files as a local mycloud again but I cannot.

Any help is appreciated

Looks like the picture of a macOS Ventura Finder. There are literally hundreds of reasons why this may fail. Have you tried a different OS such as Windows 10, 11, 8 or Linux Ubuntu, Debian, Mint etc? Such problems do not usually persist in these OS.

A one line description is probably not helpful with no way to know the OS or anything else.

There is a setting for configure a nsmb.conf (on the macOS) to disable validate negotiate requests on the macOS client such as Ventura,


Apple support may have more answers, but doubtful

Try either or both, what ever works


For example, enter into the Finder addressbar:

Notice ‘.local’ was added and replace myMCH with the name you have given to the local MCH private share. Enter credentials name and password when asked…

the answare of the costumer care
In seguito alla sua telefonata, le mando per riferimento l’articolo per resettare l’accesso locale.

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