Installing WD SmartWare software on a Mac?

I just purchased the WD My Passport Ultra and I’m already considering returning it. I’m a Mac user, and it’s not at all set up for Mac use. 

First of all, I drag the WD Drive Utilities and the Security software to my Applications folder, and when I try to open them, a pop up tells me they won’t open because they’re damaged or incomplete. 

Second, are Mac users not eligible for cloud backup? There is no option to download the WD SmartWare software that I can see, which I believe I’ll need to get cloud backup. 

Please let me know 1) how to install the WD Drive Utilities and Security software properly and 2) how I can get the WD SmartWare software? If this isn’t possible, I’ll be returning it to the store. Thanks.

This is the forum for the WD MyCloud.  Not the MyPassport. [edit: looks like the moderators have now moved it]

A quick glance at WD’s website suggests the Ultra is for Windows: no mention of the Mac.

For Mac drives, look here:

I think you’ve bought/ been sold the wrong product.