Need help installing WD Smartware with MAC OS X 10.10

I just purchased a My Passport Ultra and follow the included instructions to reformat for mac and down load disk image.  When I run the WD Smartware installer from the diskimage it just hangs.  I search edand found a recent update for mac ( release 1.3.7  (updated 1/6/2015) )which I downloaded and ran. When I run WD SmartWare, the backup and retrieve tabs are not available, nor is the Setup Drive button active on the settings tab.  Help getting the software to run correctly would be appreciate.

I have a late 2011 Macbook pro with osx 10.10.


WD Smartware does not work with a Passport Ultra on Mac. 

Although the drive can be formatted and used on a Mac, WD Smartware will not recognized it and will not work with it.

You can use the Passport Ultra with Time Machine or a 3rd party backup software. If you wish to use WD Smartware on your Mac then you need to get a Passport for Mac.