WD SmartWare not picking up My Passport Ultra 1TB drive


I recently purchard a My Passport Ultra 1TB Drive. I bought it becuase I want to have a Hard Drive that I could back up and with this you supposedly can through WD SmartWare.

I have a MacBook Pro formatted my Hard Drive to Mac OS Journaled but it, however, does not show up on the SmartWare application, only my system Hard Drive shows up. I have tried reinstalling but it did not help.

The Drive functions perfectly otherwise.

Would really appreciate any replies as it is very frustrating.


Welcome to the Community.

WD SmartWare does not support the WD Passport Ultra in Mac OS. It’s a Windows-only feature.

You can use Time Machine to perform automatic backups in your Mac.


Yes but you cant back up an external hard drive withTime Machine?


You can not backup external hard drives with Time Machine, correct. If you only need to backup your internal/system drive then Time Machine will create a system image and store it within your WD Passport Ultra, but it will exclude external media.

However, other backup/sync applications from the App Store may be able to work from external drives to external drives. You can use any backup application that supports standard USB hard drives with your WD Passport Ultra.