How to change password on WD My Passport for Mac

I can not find how to change the password on my Drive. I can log in no problem, and I have installed WD smartware on my Mac, but there is no security tab. I looked at a few forums and watched a few YouTube videos, but to no avail. The software seems to install on the Mac, but after it installs and I launch it, it brings me back to the option to install again; seems like an endless loop. My best guess is that for some reason the software is not installing properly. Can I download the software from the site instead of installing from the drive? If so, how do I know which version of software to download? It’s My Passport 750 GB, I’m installing on Mac. Thanks. - Rod


If you have the WD Smartware installed, on the settings tab you should be able to change the password of the drive.

Yeah something weird is happening. I downloaded the most recent version of Smartware, v and it works … kind of… . Under the security tab there are no options, just blank space (see attached upload). However under Registration there are fields that can be access. Under Diagnostics the sub menus are there but they are greyed out and non-responsive. The drive is unlocked and I can view it under Finder. I did a test, and I can copy files to / from the drive, the functionality is all there. But for some reason there is no options available under Security and Diagnostics, etc. Any suggestions?