Install Larger Drives in a GRAID4 from 4tb to 10 tb

I need a larger drive and want to increase the two 2tb drives with two 5tb drives in a GR4 enclosure. It is working fine I just need more capacity.


The GR4 unit could only support 2x 2TB drives as its max due to LBA48 support that wasn’t added until the next generation of G-RAIDs. We did not test these enclosures with larger capacity drives until after a new generation chip had been released.

Do you mind checking my serial number to confirm my drive’s generational status?
Thank You
George Smith

That one is new enough to be able to support drives over 2TB inside so it should technically work. However we didn’t put any 5TB drives in there to test but it technically will work although its possible they won’t be RAID at that point and more like a JBOD where both drives mount individually.

Thank You…