Upgrade hard drive size in G-raid - MAC

I have a 4TB G-Raid drive, and one of the drives makes a clunking noise when writing. So I want to replace the current 2 X 2TB with larger drives. I know they have to be matched. Can I go bigger? How big?

Size limitation or support is dependent on the generation of your device.

If it is a G-RAID that is not removable then we never had more than an 8TB (2x 4TB)model. Our current units that are removable have no limit.

The one on the top left is the one that is having issues, So you’re saying the largest I can put in there is 2 X 4TB? But the one on the right could be expanded up to whatever is the largest that’s available?

Please confirm that I can put 2 X 4tb drives in enclosures on left, and whatever I want in the one on the bottom right.

Yes that is what I’m saying. The enclosed ones could possibly fit larger drives, however we didn’t go over 2x 4TB like I mentioned so there is no support for that.

Got it, thank you. I replaced the drives, which is the correct software download for my g-raid (one on the left) for formatting?

There is no software for those units, they are locked to RAID0 from the original manufacturing process. The only thing you would need to do once the drives are inside is to erase it in the Disk Utility and it will be usable.

I have a similar question. Bought two 6tb drives for a 4TB (2x4tb G-Raid) w/Thunderbolt 2 Enclosure and it doesn’t even mount. What should I do?