Update drives in older GR4 4000


I have a GR4 4000 that’s a number of years old.
I’m thinking of replacing the 2 HDDs.
Can I put in larger capacity drives such as two 3 or 4 TBs each?
I use eSata interface
I guess the series number is 0G00273


That particular generation of G-RAID we didn’t use drives over 4TB so it should be fine to move up to that. However due to there not being a RAID configurator for that generation it it is likely the device might see the drives as individuals and not use them together in a RAID stripe.


Thanks for the reply.

So I can replace the two HDDs with two 2TB or two 4 TB Enterprise drives and the GR4 would recognize them and create a raid?


It will most likely read them as individual disks due to the RAID requiring an original creation point during manufacturing. I can’t guarantee it will auto build a RAID upon inserting 2 new drives.