Incomplete WD Itunes Library

Have has all sorts of problems since I installed Windows 10.

Not all my songs are appearing on my WD ITunes library.

In File Explorer when I click on “WDMyCloud” via “This PC” the missing songs cannot be located in the Music Folder.

I did manage to locate the files by clicking on “Network” via File Explorer and can viewing the WDMyCloud under “Storage”. To open the storage I have to right click the mouse. (as left clicking sends me to my internet preference page). All the folders & files then appear under the IP address. I can view all my music files stored including the ones not visible via iTunes.

There is obviously some sort of conflict but do not know how to resolve.

I have raised a separate mail via WD Customer Support but they have been pretty poor at trying to resolve the issue. I even sent them mailshot highlighting the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It is getting to the point where I am going to have to change my storage device as this is not the first time that I have had compatibility problems with ITunes and MyCloud

Your problem seems similar to the problem another user is experiencing in this thread: Using MyCloud as iTunes library

Do you see the My Cloud listed under “Computer” when click on Network with Windows File Explorer?

Quite a few people are having trouble with Windows 10 and the My Cloud. The My Cloud not showing up under Computer in Windows File Explorer is one such problem. It could be iTunes, because of this Windows 10 issue, may not be able to access the My Cloud properly. The following thread lists several methods others have used to solve their Windows 10 problems.

I am checking this out on my computer and it appears to be a problem of Microsoft and Windows 10 but not My Cloud. Give me a few minutes and I will add images to what I had to do to find and move a missing album.


Your post got me to checking my Quicktime and albums. I found this one missing even though it showed in my Windows Media Player but no where else. Using Cortana and doing some other searching I found it in my, This PC>Local disk C>User>Public folder. I opened up my Public folder and tried to drag and drop it into my Library>Music>Music folder and it would not work because of the first song which apparently does not belong in this so called album but was placed on it. I had to copy and paste it into the music folder. See image below. Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

After getting it moved to the music folder I opened up my Quicktime to place it there too. See images below. In Quicktime I clicked on File>Add Folder to Library, selected the album and added it.

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Looking on my computer I think this is more of a Microsoft and Windows 10 problem and possible the albums. After opening my Quicktime I found an album missing but it was also missing every where except when I opened up Windows Media Player. After searching I found the album location on My PC>Local Disk C>Users>Public. I selected it and tried to drag and drop it onto my Library, Music, Music folder but ended up having to copy and paste it. This happened because apparently the first song is not a part of this album but is on it. See image below.

After completing this I wanted to place it on Quicktime since the album was not on there. I opened up Quicktime and clicked on File>Add Folder to Library. After choosing the album I placed it on Quicktime. After highlighting the album and it appears in the Folder box be sure to click on Select Folder. See images below.

In this image you will see where the Ronnie Milsap album shows as a recently added album.

I hope this helps. Now I am going to check to make sure all my albums are where they should be. In the morning I will check to make sure this was backed up on My Cloud.

I do not see My Cloud listed under “Computer” when clicking on Network with Windows File Explorer. I have gone through the list and can’t seem to find a method to solve my problem.

Have previously uninstalled ITunes and still had the same problem.

I enclose a couple of snap shots to highlight the issue. For example there is no ABC folder is not listed below under “Artist”

Yet is appear when looking via the network.

Something I have just realised is that any songs which I have bought via iTunes and have downloaded and copied into the My Cloud are the ones not appearing unless through the network.

Thanks for taking the trouble to respond. I have put a couple of screen shots on another response to highlight my problem.