Itunes problem Since upgrading to window10

ITunes problem Since upgrading to window10, my ITunes cannot see the My Cloud drive, also I keep getting an error when my WC control panel tries to scan the content.

This drive has worked fine for almost a year and since upgrading to windows 10 my smart TV’s and my other devises can’t find the drive I have updated the firmware, done a factory reset. but still have massive problems.

Anybody any Ideas


I recommend you contact support directly for assistance with this.

  Contact WD

Many thanks I did this just waiting for responce, tried lots of things but now compleetly at a loss, lets see what comes back from WD Support.

did you receive a fix to this problem becuase i am having the same issue.

This is what I did, In windows credentials from the settings menu I added a windows credential using the IP address, and then the name of the pc with log in details. But during my messing about I also mounted the drive and deleted my C:drive Itunes folder. then re scanned my music once I could set the parameters to the right folder.

Its working but I have to admit I am not sure which one solved the problem. WD still working on a reply.

Hope you get it sorted.

I also had access problems initially, but after the latest Windows10 commulative updates the problems have disappeared.

I reinstalled itunes but that does not seem to have worked. 

Raised a support case on Thursday.  Still waiting for a reply!