Incompatibility with sony BD player S590


        I’ve  just bought a WD Mycloud for streaming on my Sony Blue-Ray disc Player S590.
        All my movies (mp4, mov, mkv, avi , etc…) and jpg photos were prefectly displayed when usb directly plugged on my sony BD.
        After having copied all my movies files on the WD mycloud, my sony BDP was browsing those same files as “mpeg” only with error message at each read tries…equal for photos.

        After many ingestigations, i found that my sony bdp is recognised by twonky media server (built-in Wd mycloud) as a Sony BR Disc Player and by switching with Sony AV Receiver, it worked perfectly , and browsed all files with correct extensions.

      This parameters is set into twonky server at this address http://wdmycloud:9000/#sharing
      Pb is that after each reset list of connected devices or DLNA reboot, the default value is set again to sony BR disc player and cause the problem again.

      Is someone knows how can it be fixed or is there something to do with the XML configuration file of the “Sony BR Disc Player” ? This file is part of media receiver database of twonky server , and is stored in /usr/local/twonkymedia-7/resources/devicedb/Sony.
       File is reacheable by activating SSH Server on WDmycloud and using ssh client as WinSCP.

      2 Support case are opened at Sony Support and WD support…

Many thanks for help and reply…

one hack would be to copy the working .xml file to the one it keep choosing. this will not survive a FW upgrade

you may need to edit some or the ID info near the top of the file