Making Twonky Configuration Stick


I am trying to stream video files from my MyCloud Mirror to my Sony BDP S490 Blu-Ray Player. However, this does not work by default, when selecting a file for playback, the Blu-Ray Player complains that the file is corrupted.

The problem appears to be Twonky’s configuration. When I look at the Twonky configuration page (Sharing/Media Receivers), I find the Blu-Ray player seemingly correctly listed using the Media Receiver Type “Sony Blu-Ray Player”. But apparently this configuration causes Twonky to send bad video streams. When I instead set the Media Receiver Type to “Generic Media Receiver”, playback works just fine.

My problem is, that this setting does not survive a reboot. When the MyCloud Mirror reboots, and the Blu-Ray Player reconnects, the configuration resets back to “Sony Blu-Ray Player”, and playback stops working.

So currently I have to go into the settings every time before I want to watch video.

So how can I make this configuration (the Media Receiver Type) permanent?

Or is there another way to fix Twonky so that it sends correct streams that my player can play back?

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Hi and welcome to the WD community.

Try to turn off the Media Streaming and then reboot the unit and turn media streaming back on to see if you can keep the setting after this.


thank you for your reply.

Your suggestion to turn off streaming, reboot, and to then turn media streaming back on did not help.

As soon as the Blu-Ray player starts up, Twonky’s previous settings for that media receiver reset to “Sony Blu-Ray Player”.

Is there some Twonky configuration file that I can edit?


Hi there,  after you make the changes on the media server yo do save them and still get the same issue ? If so then I recommend trying to do a system restore. 

here is a link that will help you with he restore process: