I want to rollback OS 5 to OS 3

anyone have a idea?

i can’t using OS 5 anymore, i need download service, but OS 5 is not support yet.
it using just share folder.

If data can be deleted,
format the hdd, initialize the firmware manually, enter the recovery mode, and install it with the current firmware.
however, I don’t know exactly what files are needed for initialization.

Has anyone do it?

Try to upgrade the firmware to 5.05.111 if your NAS does support it.

It solve most of my issues

I want to roll back to OS 3… NAS with OS5 is useless!!!


Unfortunatelly , it seems not possible.
The new firmware seems to improve the speed…

thanks you :slight_smile:

Not possible!

Here is a list wht else is not working anymore with OS5:

A speed increase means nothing if the people I share with can’t get access anymore.

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-Enable “SSH Access” in web interface

  • Login via SSH and then,
    Type: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mtdblock1
  • After reboot you can access to “WD Recovery” web. Install original WD firmware OS3
    it’s works!!! :smiley:
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It really works! had small difficulties but in the end it worked!

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Can you send me the steps, im not a genie.

I would appreciate this.

Best regards


Which device model do You need ?