Roll back from OS 5 to OS 3

Dear All,

Can anybody advise how to roll back to OS 3, because OS 5 is very raw and requires improvements at least with indexing the content for Cloud access and I lost the possibility to see the content of my server from TV. I see the disk itself and partially its structure, but I do not see audio-video files from it on TV. Rebuilding the index after reboot should not take hours… I can’t get what did the guys smoke before they released this OS 5…

Before to install OS5 it was written that you cannot rollback or downgrade. i think you have to search in some hack website, not here.
it was Ganja: not strong but for several days could let’s born OS5.

There was a method posted in one of the “transmission” threads.

It basically involved SSH into the unit to “delete” the OS and force the NAS into a recovery mode.
From there. . .you upload the firmware of your choice.
Of course. . .this method can lead to other problems (i.e. bricking) if you do it wrong.

A few words of caution

  1. can void warrenty
  2. OS/3 (from an internet perspective) is swiss cheese in terms of security.
  3. I suspect the OS/3 web apps are also cheese.

Although they don’t admit it. . .I suspect WD really is working to make OS/5 work. unfortunately. . . they have a ways to go

“hours” for indexing. . . .heh. . .most users (like myself) report in DAYS. Some report weeks. . .


Thank you for your comment, my warranty is already over but Swiss cheese is a good point to look at the issue differently and relax & wait till workable OS 5 update is available.

BTW, my NAS just finished rebuilding index (1 hour +) after reboot and TV now can see everything it should. Now it works as before, but just w/o cloud access. Since people report that it took days to index 2TB, I prefer to wait for the OS update and read feedbacks before installing it (unlike I did with OS 5). :slightly_smiling_face: