I have Forgot My WD Password, How to Retrieve from PC Desktop?

I have PC desktop (Windows 7 x64bit) and laptop (Windows 10 x64bit). After reinstall OS on laptop, my WD hdd request password and i have forgotten.

I use option “ENABLE AUTO UNLOCK” before. After long time never input the password when attach it, now i forgot the password.

But, on PC Desktop with Windows 7 installed, i was still able to open it because i use the same option (ENABLE AUTO UNLOCK"

Where the password stored in Windows 7? I can still access because the password already saved.

I want to know the password of my WD on Windows 7. Where is it?

Thank you

Found the same issued here

Ok, i should to find out what was in brain still exist for this password. I should defrag my brain.


Actually i used password Hint, but i use symbol. And forgot which one

Even if you found where it’s stored … it will be Encrypted

Not much point in having a Secure Password System to prevent Unauthorized Access if it’s Not Encrypted.

If you can still access the data on the My Passport (i’m guessing that’s what you have, because you haven’t told us) on Windows 7 …

then i would backup all the data onto another hard drive (preferably one without any passwords), and the erase/format the My Passport and reset the password with a new one, (that you can remember) and then you can unlock the drive on Win7 and Win 10

then copy your data back to it from the backup.

But it’s huge data. Almost 2TB full. I don’t have enough space in my laptop. If i can setup
WD utility and security (but no luck to install on Windows 7, just no nag screen appear when i click on executable setup).

If i succed, the previous password which is saved by Windows 7, will auto-filled or should input again?


Just found it. The password. Tried 1/*1/1#/
Try to figure out which one is the correct combination. the 3/2/1 last digit. Lucky!!!

Case closed! Thanks