Decrypt WD My Passport?

Hi WD Community,

I have WD My Passport 1TB external HDD which I had encrypted and the password was saved on my computer so that whenever I connected the HDD to that machine, it would bypass password prompt. And this turned out to be my mistake as I cannot remember the password anymore because of that and my computer’s HDD died the other day as the laptop was dropped on floor. So I cannot boot up that machine and hence cannot connect WD HDD to that laptop.

It works if I connect to other machine, but asks for password which I cannot remember anymore. Does anybody know the way of decrypting the password? Or if there’s any file/registry keys I can retrieve and copy from my computer’s HDD to be able to identify the password or perhaps copy it to other machine so that I can connect the HDD to that machine and not get prompted for password? Some data on old HDD is still accessible, just some Windows sectors were damaged so cannot boot it up.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

There’s no way do decrypt without the password, for security reasons.

If you fail too many times I think it will offer you the option to format the drive, which will decrypt it but also wipe it clean.

There’s no way to get the existing current back without the password

If there was a password saved on computer (or within WD Smartware) software, at least there should be a way of recovering stored password from computer itself?

only if you can find a way to boot up that drive or somehow recover the systems data onto another drive and then re-create a bootable hard drive from it,