WD My Passport USB3 2TB Password Recovery


So I’ve had a WD My Passport USB3 2TB for some time now. It works fine on the Windows 7 computers I use it on, without asking me for the password each time.

Then I go to a new computer and I’m asked for the password. It seems I’ve forgotten the password as my usual suspects aren’t working.

So is there any way to recover the password?

Of course I wouldn’t expect this to be possible on a system where the device is not known and the drive is locked until a correct password is given.

But is it possible on a system where the drive is already unlocked because the password is known to the system?

Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.

In order to remove your password you need to know the current password since you will need to manually input your password in WD Security in order to disable it. The second alternative would be to completely erase your hard drive on your new computer by typing 5 random/wrong passwords.