I have a Mac with LION, i have it updated and Time Machine works

i have a Mac with LION, i have it updated and Time Machine works … although i have stopped it for now as it looks as if it was going to take a very long time LOL. (i am thinking of getting a more suitable Router)

However i am wondering before i start using it Seriously should i format it to the proper MAC standard format, i assume it is currently in a format that is suitable for both Windows and Mac.

Please help me out here, some of the features i am able to use with my MyBookLive seem to be over the top, so i shall just stick to sharing Photos/Music with the family and Backing up with Time Machine. 


What are you talking about? Formatting the My Book Live? If so, this is a Network drive, not a DAS drive. You don’t format the drive. The drive has a processor and and operating system on it that talks in the language your Mac or PC supports. You don’t have to do anything on your side to get it to work with one OS or another.

Cheers Pal, i have a lot to learn about my new toy, thanks for your timely advice my friend.

I have learnt now that it is Formatted to be compatible with both Windows and Mac, which of course i didnt fully appreciate, but it makes a lot of sense. stoopid me for even thinking about it !