WD Quickview and TimeMachine cannot see MyBookLive

Hi everybody,

a few months back I bought a MyBookLive 2TB. Back then I was using it with Windows and everything worked without any problems. About a week ago I moved to using a Mac (OS is Mountain Lion). Here’s the problem that appeared:

The Quickview software from WD in my ‘taskbar’ doesn’t show the MyBookLive. I can mount it without any problems though. I can browse it as well, without issues. The TimeMachine app also does not find the MyBookLive when I try setting up a backup (the backup feature is enabled on the MyBookLive).

When I restart the MyBookLive it appears in both QuickView and TimeMachine.

The same happens if I disable the backup feature on the MyBookLive and then re-enable it. I’m assuming it has to do something with the extended ‘Saving…’ message - I guess it’s restarting a service or something and that fixes it.

However, once I restart my mac the MyBookLive is again not displayed in both QuickView and TimeMachine.

Has anybody had similar issues?

I would be very grateful if anybody provides a solutiion or at least some guidance!

Thank you!

If I had to guess, I would say the drive is formatted for NTFS.  That is the preffered WIndows format.  It is however read only in OSX.  

A thread on this issue from Apple support:


Hope it helps…

Thanks for the input!

I believe it’s not formatted in NTFS but some Linux specific format. I am able to use it normally (read / write).

The only problem I have is the drive not being seen by the TimeMachine and QuickView software.