My Book Live and Macs

Hello all.  Can a My Book Live be formatted as Mac OS Extended and then shared over a network between two Macs?  One Mac is a mini using Lion OS.  The other is a MB Pro using Leopard, soon to be upgraded to Snow Leopard.  I want to store photos for processing in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.  If not, what format should the MBL be in order to be shared and used between the two Macs.

Also, can a second NAS device be on the network to backup the MBL and the two Macs?

Thanks in advance

You will not have to format the device to see it on your network. I used to have SnowL and now Lion connected to mine.

Yes, you could store photos that would then be accessable by either computer, and any other computer you gave access on your network.

You could get a second NAS to backup the MBL and the Macs… however, you might look at the My Book Live Duo . It has 2 drives that can be mirrored, and just use one device for your storage and Mac backups.