I have 3 HDD, 2 in RAID 1 and 1 JBOD but can't see JBOD in Windows explorer

Probably very beginners question. But I couldn’t find any answer in forum. I have 3x HDD, 2x in RAID 1 and 1x JBOD (all 3TB) but can’t see JBOD in Windows explorer. Should I see it under Network or as a normal drive ?

Can anyone help, please.

If you have a drive in JBOD, then you need to create another volume on that drive.
Then, you need to create shares in that volume.

Thanks. I didn’t know I have to create Shares. Now it works. I thought it will appear as e.g. drive d:/ in Windows explorer. But it is just another Share under network. It looks like one physical drive and you can not click properties and check ones status. You have to go to Dashboard. Yes it is totally different philosophy as with internal PC drives. Thanks again.