I dont really have connection to mycloud since yesterday

I have really dificulties to connect to MyCloud services.
I wanto to access to all my data, but no way.
The thing is that my device is not connected to internet, but actually, all my other devices are connected to internet in the same wifi connection.
Do you know if maybe could it be a worlwide failure in WD?



My Cloud Home Users,

We are currently investigating an issue with our proxy service that can cause your My Cloud Home or ibi devices to be offline. You may see your device LED in a blinking state if your device is offline. We will update our status page once the issue is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience.


My Cloud Team

Evereything its ok again!!!

i restart it and still fail to access…

Tengo el mismo problema, me dice que el dispositivo está sin conexión. Por favor me pueden decir cuando solucionaran la incidencia?