I cant use my WD caviar Green 1TB

Hello guys, Today I woke up and surprise My Computer was showing Hard Drive Fail at start up.

I have a Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB, Model: WD10EARS-00Y5B1

I remove the drive, restart the computer and again the same message, so I decide to try in another computer, I did using a USB device and It apparently install it but I couldn’t open the drive, so I go to manage and try to initialize there and it said “Incorrect Function”.

Then I connected directly  the cable to the computer and I dont recognize my hard drive.

There are a software or anyway of try to repair this Drive, I have less than 1 year with this hard drive.

Any help will be good!

Try using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for DOS and test the drive, if the software encounters erros will probably attempt to fix them.

Thanks for reply I will let you know If this solve my problem! I hope :frowning: I don’t have back up…

God Bless You!

Don’t worry if you do not fix the drive WD should be able to replace it if is still under warranty, and if you are unable to repair the drive and you would like to retrieve the data on the drive. please click here to download a free data recoverysoftware that I have used and proved worked fine.

I tryied but nothing work for me :(… I bogth this product by Amazon, I check the warranty and I have warranty until 2013 but I’m from dominican Republic, and send the product to US will be more cost for me.

So, WD don’t have parnerts here that I can go there and they can give me an other hard drive??


I don’t think WD has partners in DR, if you have to replace the drive you can make an efford and send it to the US.-

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