I cannot connect to mycloud home duo on today


I’ve been using My Cloud Home Duo products well at home for a few years now.
Suddenly, from on today (October 1 morning) I can’t connect it.

Because it is connected to the internal network, the service is provided in the form of a relay to the outside, but now it is impossible to connect to the internal network of the house.

It says “Device offline”.

In the meantime, if you look at the network access status, two types of 8883 service port and 8443 service port are normally connected, but today, only one type of 8883 service port is connected.

“Device offline” is displayed even after turning off the power of My Cloud Home Duo and the router and reconnecting them.
It looks the same in the app and on the web.

I just woke up in the morning and found that the equipment didn’t work.

By any chance, have these symptoms expired from October 1st, or has the firmware been updated overnight? If not, maybe there is some other kind of problem with the center?

There is absolutely nothing I can do on my own.

What should I do?

Thank You.


I have the same problem as you. The My Cloud Service Status show that they are experiencing proxy connection issues. I think it should be their problem.



I have the same problem.

Hi All, I have the exact same situation. Starting today, My Cloud Duo is no longer accessible from any device. I used it last night and worked just fine.

Any help?


Good job western digital. Way to keep me from accessing my hard drive that is sitting right next to me.

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Anyone how to get my files from the drive before WD fixed their problem ? I cannot do my work as the files are on the disk.

I have exactly the same problem with my WD Cloud Home Duo.
No access since October 1 morning.
So weird. On the one hand, this is my cloud, on the other - it stays on the table nearby but I cannot access my information.

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SERVICE NOTICE: Your My Cloud Home or ibi device may be offline and inaccessible. just wait for them I waste my whole day for this until found the annoucement.


I too have connection problems. For a while I was able to see the drive on wifi but the app said offline. Now it is not available either on wifi or app. It is a nuisance as I need to access the data!

My problems started on 30 Sept.

same issue cannot access drive (device shows offline) since today 01 Oct 2021.

please help!


How its possible that i can not access my own Hard disk (mycloud-home-duo) at home?
i can understand that it lost the connection with the cloud (due to some technical problem at the provider), but i still have it as a part of my own home network? do you know what i mean?

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I called the assistance and they say that the problem lies with them, but in the meantime I cannot work

I also face same problem. now LED blinking slowly is this normal?? just wait for them to fix the problem?
pls pls help to answer T_T

■■■■, i hate WD, i spend a half day to check my WD until i see this post

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I have a brand new Duo here and I have been scratching my head trying to fathom out what was wrong with it, but I to cannot connect to get the brand new Dou up and running, (still getting heavy breathing…lights…lol…I might of well as !) so I have eventually found here, thanks guys at least I am not alone and do not appear to have done anything wrong!, thought it was me being a numpty. I will stay logged in and await the Good and the Wonderful of WD to put this right after spending £300 of my own money on this venture I expect better service, or should I get used to it?, if so, back it goes and money WILL be returned!..

Their announcement here, just wait, dont waste your whole day like me.
wait for status update : http://status.mycloud.com/os4


As well as being offline, is anyone else experiencing log-on issues? thanks

Does WD has any workaround so that I can access my file in the disk? Can I use an USB cable to connect to the drive directly ? Thanks

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У меня тоже проблемы со входом. Приложение пишет нет подключение к сети но сеть и интернет работают хорошо.

пт, 1 окт. 2021 г. в 12:39, aurmk via WD Community <wd@discoursemail.com>:

Sorry, I don’t know but I am interested in this answer and will follow, thanks