I can not log in to the admin panel of my hard disk :(

I can not log in to the admin panel of my hard disk,
I forgot the password, where can I change it?
I try to changed it on the front page wdcloud but this is a different place it doesnt work.
Pleass haelp

If you use the reset button on the back of the unit (in the little hole, you’ll need a paper clip or something to press it) then you should be able to get back in (press it with the power on, when done the MCM should reboot itself).

The reset does the following:

  • Resets the admin username and password back to default (“admin” and no password).
  • Switches the unit from static IP to DHCP (if static had been set).
  • Resets the unit name back to WDMyCloudMirror (this name is used to identify the unit under Windows Network and suchlike).

Your data won’t be touched, but it should let you back in. It’s designed for scenarios like this, and similar ones where changes to the local network may make the drive unreachable.