Howto open WD Elements PLAY?

Hi there

As this is my first post here I want to say “sorry” if some of my posts are hard to understand due to my bad english. I try to do my best.

I use a WD ELEMENTS PLAY and I guess someone used it with false Power Supply (Voltage too high). Now, as thre is no way to get my Harddisk back to work, I want to set the HD to another extrenal case and try to get back my data. I asked WD Support but they were unable to tell me if the build in HD is with IDE oder SATA.

And they were unable to tell me how to open the Case. I cant find any screws to open. Anyone here who tried to open a ELEMENTS PLAY Case and is willing to tell some tipps or hints? Yes, I know, opening the case will lead to loss of warranty … but thats the only way to have a chance to get back my data.

(edited post to set correct information (ELEMENTS PLAY, not ELEMENTS LIVE)

I assume you meant “Elements Play” or “WDTV Live Hub” which are the only media players that have a built in hard-drive.

Either way, you’re in the wrong forum.

Elements Play:

WDTV Live Hub:

Yes, you are right, ELEMENTS PLAY was ment.

Thanks so far!