Data recovery on wd tv live box

This is my 3 third box I have bought I got pics music on it today it wouldn’t play  I phone support they told me I need a data recovery and then reset the box how can a do a recovery when I put it on the pc it doesn’t recognize it If there is a way how do I do it and what is the software and where do I get it

Hello confused170,

Are you able to provide me with the model number for the player that you have?

The reason why I’m asking is because you are posting on the section for the WD Elements play and you are saying that you have a WD TV Live box. Since the devices are different will be better if we identified the right product that you have.

If is a WD Elements play that has a internal hard drive on it, you might be able connect the unit to your computer and you will be able to try getting the information out of the drive.

It is the element when I connect it to my pc it doesn’t come up I need to know do I have to open the element to get the data or how to get my data off the  element

It a WD element box when I try to play it either on the WD tv live box it says its corrupted and when i connect it to my pc it doesn’t reconzie it I have pics I would like to get off it but I can’t do anything 

How can I get it to work .

what did you end up doing?