WD Elements 2TB not accessible anymore (yet accessible through WDTV Live)


I have a 2TB Elements disk for quite some time now. A while ago, it became unaccessible ('damaged and not readable)  when plugged into my laptop. But it does pop up in My Computer, though consisting of 0 bytes. This was on XP. When plugged into my new Windows 7 laptop I get the message ‘this disk needs to be formatted’ when plugged in. But… when I plug the drive onto my WD TV Live media player I can get to browsing everything that is on the disk, with correct filesizes etc. It only gives the error ‘could not create media library’. But anyway, this gives me hope for recovering my data. I just don’t know how to start because there are a lot of methods/apps. If anyone recognizes this situation and has a working solution that would be greatly appreciated.



Make sure you unmount (eject) the drive from your wdtv or any other computer before unpluging.

I always did this when it was connected to a computer. Is there an option like this on the WD TV also? I normally just turn off the media player and then plug the disk out. Anyway I would still like to recover my data. Any help is appreciated.


Sorry for the slow reply. Yes there is, on the remote there should be an eject button. sometimes it takes a couple mins before safe to eject message. As for recovery, not to sure on the elements as I just got one to put all my recovered data from My world book nas drive onto but that was linux based and a lond recovery!