WD Elements Play HDD to SSD?

My last post was about Elements Play freezing vidoes up while playing. As one who replied said it might be the hard drive. He was right had the hard drive checked and it’s health was at 51%. I could not even hook it up to my pc anymore, before it would just boot up and show WD Elements Play on the explorer. Now it just " shows “local disk” But the player would still play videos perfectly if you plug an external HD to it. I’m planning to change it’s internal hard drive but I plan to use an SSD instead of the usual SSD same brand and capacity. Is this possible? Tried asking customer support but no answer.
Too bad all the files been saving for years all lost.

Hi @Xpialidousious,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Yes, it’s possible.

Yes I tried the only response they gave me was “my unit is over it’s warranty date so they cant help me anymore”.

Thank you for the video I’ll try this.:+1:

No problem :+1:

I thought i’d research your question instead of giving you the WD Staff automated generic reply of “Have you opened a support case” and then for you to be told the next scripted reply of “Unit is Out of Warranty … not our problem”

I was just asking them(WD support staff) a simple yes or no question was not planning to have them fix the unit anyway.:blush:

Replacing the internal hard drive with an SSD improve the performance of the WD Elements Play and reduce the risk of freezing or other issues.

If the files were saved on the original crack drive easy of the WD Elements Play, then they may be lost unless you have a backup copy. If you have a backup copy, you can restore the files to the new SSD after it has been installed. If you do not have a backup copy, then unfortunately the files may be permanently lost.

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Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I can still copy all of the files on the old HDD there are times when I connect it to a laptop it will let me copy some files and there times when you connect it, it will not let me copy. And copying unlike before takes it so long compared when the unit. I guess the 51% drive health is the issue. That’s why I was thinking of replacing with an SSD.

The user suggests that this is likely a bug that should be addressed by the app’s developer, Western Digital (WD). It is important for developers to address issues like this in a timely manner to ensure that their products are functioning properly and meeting the needs of their customers. Hopefully, WD will release an update to the app soon to address this issue and prevent it from happening to other users in the future.

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Alonzo2 is right on the subject. But the problem here is when the unit is old the company(WD) will not give us users updates like software updates or information anymore. That’s why I was prompted to ask my question here.

Yes, it is possible to change the internal hard drive in your WD Elements Play to an SSD. However, you will need to make sure that the SSD is the same size or larger than the original hard drive. You will also need to format the SSD to the correct file system.
However, If you backup your all data, you must restore them. However, if you didn’t have a backup, there is not much you can do. So use a cloud-based backup service, like Easy Todo backup or Google Drive or use an external hard drive or USB drive.

Thanks for the info. Sadly, I was not able to backup all of the data saved in the original internal HD and trying to connect it now to a pc is not working I guess it’s original 2TD drive is already busted.

To replace the internal hard drive in your WD Elements Play with an SSD, you will need to remove the enclosure, disconnect the power cable and data cable, remove the hard drive, install the SSD, reconnect the power cable and data cable, and replace the enclosure. Once you have replaced the hard drive, you will need to format the SSD and reinstall your operating system. Or if you wanna recover your lost data then Minitool Power Data Recovery. it can easily recover you lost data from SSD

If you’re planning to replace the internal hard drive of your WD Elements Play with an SSD, it’s important to clarify that you should be using an SSD instead of the usual HDD, not instead of the usual SSD.
in other words, you can replace the failing internal HDD with a compatible SSD (solid-state drive). This replacement is possible and can potentially improve the performance and reliability of your WD Elements Play. if you need any software for SSD visit Softkeybox

I understand that you lost all of your files on the old hard drive. If you had a backup of your files, you can restore them from the backup. If you did not have a backup, you may be able to recover some or all of your files using a data recovery service. If you are looking any information about software then visit start11 download