How to use UPS with WD My Cloud DL4100

can someone explain to me how it works with UPS power source using WD MC DL4100 ? I have an UPS APC Back-UPS 1400VA with USB port for comunication. How shall I configure DL4100 (or UPS) to work it propertly with UPS?


it configures itself. When you plug it in it should show on the dashboard

So you mean when I plug UPS into USB port there will be some more options showed in Dashboard ?Regarding when the unit shall shut down - what minimum % of batery etc. As I remember there is only one switch about UPS which sais if the unit is master or slave (or some like this).


I don’t think it is adjustable. But I have not plugged one in with the newer firmware’s. Perhaps it is improved.

So what it does in your system ?Does it shutt down propertly(automaticaly) once the power loose at least ?

it did

Finaly I have tried how it works and you are right. I have connected UPS via USB and once the UPS started to work on its battery(after my power loose simulation) there is notice on NAS display , On UPS power, and the main control light become red (from standard blue). Since I have turned on the NAS alerts through email I was informed several times about the status of UPS battery which is great (my UPS does not have any display to show me the battery status). First information was 100% battery then 50%, 15% and after that(I quess there was less then 10%) unit automaticaly initiated shutting down. So it works pretty good in that way. Only one thing does not work as they mentioned. After UPS was plugged back into wall power socket the NAS unit does note restarted again(even UPS unit advertised that it shall work and I have also turned this oprion on in NAS dashboard) but for me it is not big deal.

Good news
FWIW, I normally do not have them turn back on because a lot of times when the power comes back on it may go off and on a few times before it sticks.

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