Bought UPS and PR4100 looks not to notice it

I have had a couple of power outages that forced my PR4100 to recheck parity for the whole Raid5. In order to avoid that happening again just bought a UPS and was willing to configure the automatic shutdown.

1st thing I did was checking the compatibility list and found a couple of CyberPower UPS models in there. As them all share the same software just assumed all would be compatible under at least the same family.

I bought then a Cyberpower CP1500EPFCLCD model, charged it for 10h and tried to test it. Just plugged the USB cable from the back of the UPS to one of the USBs in the back of the PR4100 and unplugged the UPS from the wall… From what I can see…the NAS continued working normally but automatic shutdown was not triggered. I let the battery of the ups reach an 8% charge to ensure shutdown was not triggered when below 10% but again nothing happened so plugged again the UPS before everything went nuts.

Any idea on why it is not working? on the NAS there’s no way I can see it has found the UPS and is communicating with it? Didn’t configure anything myself so assuming it is in master mode as long as I didn’t put it on slave…

Any help would be welcomed!!

not exactly the same but in the same family. I won’t expect WD to be able to check all models on by one from different vendors.

Should I see in the NAS itself that it has found the UPS? any way to check that?

Interestingly enough I just saw that the WD NAS was not smart enough to find the UPS once plugged. Though about it and performed a power cycle hence full shutdown, let it rest and power it up again. Now in the USB icon on top of the dashboard where you can see external hard drives plugged to USB… I see the UPS.

It is found as “CPS” and shows the battery level. if clicking on the small arrow this is the window that pops-up.

UPS Device Details
Manufacturer CPS
Battery Charge 62%
Status On Line

So far so good. Can’t test the automatic shutdown feature as I want the battery to go back to full status first. Will give it a go tomorrow.

APC continues being the best on in almost all reviews but Cyberpower is gaining a lot of confidence from many people as well as winning some awards. I’m really happy with the one I bought which doesn’t make noise even when working from battery, has a lot of power and pure sine wave at a logical price. The APC counterpart cost 100USD more while having 30% less juice.

I too purchased a UPS (CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP1500AVRLCD). I plugged it in via USB and I can’t seem to find any indication that my PR4100 has detected it. What might I be doing wrong?

Have you power cycled the NAS. That was when mine found the UPS. It is shown in the NAS web portal (using its IP) by clicking the USD icon on top of the page. It will tell you the model and charge percentage.

Buying a new Tripp Lite was actually more affordable than replacing the battery unit in my APC, so I went with the SMART1500LCDT (1500VA/900W was also a large increase). I believe the “official list” has less than 9 units listed, however, most WD Cloud devices have NUT (network UPS tools) drivers, which allows coverage of many UPS that are supplied with a USB cable interface. It should be hot-pluggable in most cases, but as @Swiss said, power-cycling may be required.

I never figured out how to gracefully shutdown both the NAS along with another computer on the network for instance; it should be possible though.