How to use My Passport hard disk in Windows Xp 32 bit

i wanted to use My passport in windows Xp 32 bit…and when i connected disk it automatically installed the software also but i cannot find any new disk/folder named WD My Passport in My Computer…But i can see the name in the Safely Removable Hardware…And also i have safely removed this disk but still i cannot see it in My Computer… Can u pls help me…

Hello Mr.Abc,

Please take a look:

All WD Hard Drives (portable’s and externals) are now GPT partitioned which Windows XP 32-Bit Does Not Support.

Windows XP 32-Bit only supports MBR partitions … which has a maximum capacity of 2TB

If your My Passport is 2TB or less … then reformat (this will delete your data) to MBR partition style

For GPT support, you will need Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Hello Joey,
My Hard disk is My Passport 1TB(BRAND NEW… NOW DATA IN IT) …i m not a computer expert so can you please tell in more of a common an and simpler language… I appreciate it…

Also what i understand till now from your comment… Is that i have to reformat it… But how can i reformat it when i m unable to see it in My Computer…?? And please say it in a more simpler language… Please.

Hey Peter,
Please can u tell me in which category my Hard disk comes in…
i really couldn’t find my disk in the above categories on your provided link…
Mine is external, portable hard disk… That’s all i know about it…

Download “WD Quick Formatter” (link below) … follow the instructions and select “XP Compatible” when formatting

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Hi Mr.Abc ,

Sure, this hard drive comes as a DAS drive. Well, if you are unable to see the drive in My Computer, then you can check the disk management to see if the drive is showing up there or not. Also, you can refer to the @JoeySmyth link which he provided in his post. If you still face the issue, then may be you should contact Western Digital for further Technical Support.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


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Thanks JoeySmyth and Peter.g for your help…Disk Management worked for me but when it was formatting it took a long long time…So i formatted it in Windows 10 like normally i format drives… It was easy much easier than disk management…Well my problem is solved,Thanks for your help …