How to use existing domain name with WD 4TM Mycloud

      I have just setup my WD 4TB MyCloud drive and setup a new 

domain name with godaddy which I have forwarded to (DDNS). I put in the current IP of my DSL
modem in an also enabled port forwarding on my DSL for 443
to my Mycloud device. I can get to my stuff on the WD MC via an app just
fine, but I cannot use a browser to connect. I get a error message that
stating that it is forbidden to acces

anyone have any ideas?

If you trying to access the dashboard to manage the device, it is not supported to manage it remotely.
VPN is the only option if you have one. Or RDP to a local machine.

Second that. Unless a mod is done to remove this UI restriction. SSH tunneling is another option.

Thanks but I am not trying to get to the management GUI, I am just trying to get to the main GUI where a user can log into. I want to use my domain name for for user access instead of APP. Is there a way to do this?

https://whateveryourdeviceis/UI is the dashboard to manage the device.

There’s no need for GoDaddy or DDNS because there’s only one GUI which is the management GUI restricted to LAN access i.e. http://wdmycloud/ or http://192.168.1.x and only for the one admin. There’s no user GUI for them to access the files. If you want users to access your MyCloud other than using the APP, they should sign in to after you’ve given the access to your MyCloud.

thanks for your reply but…
If the only way to access data that resides on my mycloud disk is to go through then this device is not really MY cloud :frowning:
I have setup external access w/o a problem and it works fine but Why does WD need to be to be in the flow in the first place??? Are they caching my data?

They are not caching your data but providing you with the means of accessing your data securely. The credential authentications and device identifications will be from but your files are directly accessed from the NAS to your current location. But if your direct connections doesn’t work as they should i.e. blocked ports, it will try in relay mode instead, sort of tunneling.

I somehow feel that this is for a good cause. Chances of servers getting pinned down is lesser than the mycloud NAS itself in an event of brute force attacks.

Thanks. I had already opened up 443 to MyCloud and it does work.