How to upgrade the firmware for WD my cloud?


  Refer the firmware update from the WD website, I see below instructions, however in step 2, when I open WD My cloud, I can not see the Dashboard UI, how can I open the dashboard UI?

  • Save this to your desktop.
  • Open the WD My Cloud Dashboard UI.
  • Go to Settings >> Firmware Update.
  • Under the section Manual Update, click the Update From File button and a window will open.
  • Browse to where you saved the sq-040001-xxx-2014xxxx.deb file and select it.
  • You will see a pop up confirming to upgrade your firmware, click Ok.

The profusion of access methods and poor user manual strike again?

Open a web browser

Enter your MyCloud’s IP address, port 9000 in the web address pane, e.g.

That should access the browser-based Dashboard.

You’ll need your device’s IP, which you can get from your router’s control UI.  While you’re there, set your router’s IP to be static; that will eliminate some future problems.

Wouldn’t he open http://Your_MyCloud_IP_Address/UI/ and not ? I though port 9000 was the Twonky access port number.

My suggestion is open the Dashboard at http://Your_MyCloud_IP_Address/UI/ and log into the My Cloud. Go to the Settings Tab and scroll down to Firmware and turn OFF automatic firmware update. This has been nothing but problems since the My Cloud has been in existence. Set the Firmware update to “Manual”

You can download the Firmware manually at All Product Downloads and install it manually … very easy to do :slight_smile:

d’oh!  Answering too many Twonky questions at the moment…

Thanks for the correction.

I’d agree with selecting manual updates; firmware updates usually mess up Twonky, for instance, but at least if to upgrade manually, you know you will have to sort out the mess…