How to transfer music from My Cloud to iPod via Itunes?

Hi, I want to copy music files from my MyCloud to an iPod in iTunes. I see the MyCloud music files in iTunes and can play them. But I cannot copy them to my iPod. Does anyone know how this works? Thanks

Is the iTunes library stored on the My Cloud or the local computer?

Typically one can setup iTunes so it stores the iTunes library on an NAS drive. That way one should be able to move media to their iPod devices via iTunes.

While I don’t have a Mac, on a PC using iTunes I can drag the music from a My Cloud, using Windows File Explorer, into iTunes and the iTunes program will import that music by creating links in the Library to those files on the My Cloud. I can then copy them to an iPod using iTunes. Just be warned that iTunes may not properly sort the music or may even change the metadata of the files you drag and drop into iTunes. One example. If you drag an audiobook into iTunes it may classify it as Music. A user has to change the Media Kind in iTunes to Audiobook to be classified properly.

Thanks for your answer! I did not really manage to setup the iTunes library on the NAS drive. I entered the path in the advanced settings of iTunes but this did not solve the problem. I still could not move music from the NAS to the iPod. What I did to solve the problem is that I just added the NAS music folder (under ‘File’) to iTunes. This way the files are still on the NAS but I can transfer them to the iPod now. Don’t know whether that’s the best solution but it works.