Moving iTunes Library to WD MyCloud 2TB


My iTunes Library is slowing filling up on my Mac and I wish to move it to my new WD MyCloud device.

  • What would be the best way of doing this (and the quickest). A step by Step would be useful.
  • When I open my iTunes on my Mac will it Automatically find the Library on MyCloud over the Wifi.

Whislt I’m comfortable in moving the files and I really want to ensure that I can access when I turn my Mac on so any new music is automatically added.



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Hello and welcome to the WD community.

You can try to copy the whole iTunes folder by dragging the iTunes folder to the unit to see if you can access your files. Lets see if another user can give you some tips and suggestion on this matter.

Here is a link on how to move the iTunes library to a different location, hope this helps you out:

You have a couple of options to achieve this, and googling around, you will find a lot of details:

  • option A is to leave the library file on the Mac, and create symbolic links for the folders under iTunes Media folders to shares on the NAS, you can as well create a symbolic  link for the iTunes Media folder itself to a share. I prefer the first option though, because you can keep the “Add automatically to iTunes” folder on your Mac, which “enforces” a single pointn of entry to maintain the database integrity.

  • option B is to more the entire set of files (ITL file, album artwork folder, iTunes media folder) to a folder in a share on the NAS, and then point iTunes to that library. While this is the easiest way to set up this, I found a couple of issues: slower responsiveness of iTunes in general, the hierachy of folders on the NAS can be a hassle to navigate the files with other software there (for example through DLNA) because iTunes doesn’t seem to like pointing a share directly, but at a folder within a share (not sure why).