How to set a Time Machine disk quota limit

Is there any way to limit the amount of disk space ocuppied by Time Machine backup files on a Cloud Home Duo ?


Time Machine Quota is not supported for the My Cloud Home or Duo.

This is unfortunate and should be included in a new software update.


…and to continue with that: As I cannot set a quota, I am now using a different drive. Now I want to erase the old time-machine-backup on the WD-Drive: How can I do that??! Simply removing the .backupbundle and the .sparsebundle does not work, as they are still in use. Is there a way to reclaim the space of the backup!??

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hello? is there anybody out there? I have around 2TB of unused backups that I just can’t get rid of, is there someone from WD who is actually listening in on any of this?!

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I see that comment was a couple of years ago now. Is this still the case? In other words will my drive keep filling with Time Machine backups until the whole 4Tb is used up? If so what happens to the other files stored on the drive?