Time Machine - Can I limit the disk size for it?

I would like My Cloud Home drive to serve as a Time Machine backup plus as a place to store files. Time Machine will continue to use disk space until there is no more, and I want to limit how much disk space it will use.

Is it possible to partition My Cloud Home so only a portion of the drive is available for Time Machine?


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yes i also want know
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no, there is no setting for this in the my cloud home.

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Hi, I found out that with MacOS Catalina you can only change the schedule of the backup using an external app called TimeMachineEditor (normally is set 1 per hour, so you can set 1 per day or less frequently) and this will help you to have a backup file that grows slower.
If you have an old version of MacOS (don’t remember from which one) you can actually set the max size of the backup file (using another external app, just search it in Google).

Did you have to do something special to get time machine to recognize the My Cloud? My computer recognizes it, but time machine doesn’t see it.

no, you just go to time machine, select disk and you should see the disk to select

does anyone know a good alternative to macOS time machine?
My “my cloud home duo” is going to be full because of TIME MACHINE!

IT’s unbelievable that WD did not think about a plugin for the Disk to do backup!!

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The older model “My Cloud” (running Debian Linux) had so much better functionality and configurability than these current models.

The current models are missing extremely elementary and fundamental NAS functionality. Setting quotas for shares is a pretty basic function that’s missing.

no sense. they did a downgrade!
I hope they can improve it, but I’m loosing hope since the last model is on the market since around 2014.

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I just purchased a my cloud home and realized I couldn’t limit the space for time machine. I can’t believe it’s lacking this basic function. I am about to return this product for this.

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No you cannot.
We’ve been asking since day one, three years ago.
A lot of us are disappointed about this product.


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Thanks for the reply.

Can I use Disk Utility to create different partitions then?



The only solution I found out:

  1. limit the frequency of the backup using TimeMachineEditor (to use it, remember to follow the instructions that tells you to deselect the time machine option “automatic backup”. I set 1 backup a day, but you can set the frequency as you like.
  2. delete the backup when It become too big, and let time machine start again the new backup (obviously the new first backup will take a lot of time and during this time you are a bit at risk because there is no backup of the Mac… but you really have to be unlucky to have a pc problem exactly during that period).

Anyway, it’s really a pity that WD doesn’t want to listen to the users. It could be a good product just by making small improvements.