How to see files on my 4TB mycloud

I purchased a white 4TB mycloud Oct15,2016. I backed up a failing harddrive and set the mycloud aside. The files I backed up were not pertinent until now. I am now attempting to get into my mycloud and do not find steps to simply see my files. I see the dash and I see 360GB used but I do not see where to view or access my files. Can you help?

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual? Specifically Chapter 3 Accessing Content.

What operating system are you using? One should be able to access a local My Cloud on the local network using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.

If using Windows 10 Microsoft may have disabled SMB 1.0. If this is the case it may not show up properly in Windows File Explorer If this is the case one can reenable that option.

One can also “map” the My cloud to their local computer.

Thanks I realized. The is for the files and the wdmtcloud for the dashboard. I was trying to see my files in the dash board.

Thanks for those links too. I will check them out. And I found my Manuel I downloaded when I first purchased the drive.

Have a good day!

The web portal is generally/typically used for remote (off site) access to a My Cloud. It allows access to the remote My Cloud when one cannot use Windows File Manager or Mac Finder to access the My Cloud. One has to enable Remote/Cloud Access within the My Cloud Dashboard for one to be able to use the web portal.

The User Manual explains in general terms how to access the My Cloud on the local network, and how to access the My Cloud from a remote location.