How to Salvage Data on My Book Live 3 TB?

Can not get the MBL to connect on the network including router, had it for 3 months and it suddenly failed. I get a steady green light, and it will connect for a minute once booted but then drop out. I was wondering if anyone has removed the case and tried using it as a regular Hard Drive. I use WIndows 7, and OS X 10.7…I think the NIC is dead…


That doesn’t sound like a dead (NAS) NIC or a bad drive issue…The first thing I would try is replacing the cable between your drive and your router. If that doesn’t solve the issue, I’d try it with a different router to rule that out as a possibility. Another way to try is directly plugging it into your computers NIC card.

Do you have another computer you can try? – the trick is to isolate the issue to either the NAS, the router, the cable, or the computer.

That being said… if you insist the issue is with the NAS, and want to take the drive out, the drive uses a Linux file system, so you’d need to connect the internal drive to a Linux computer to read the data.

OK I will give those a try. I ordered a ethernet to usb adapter which should be here tomorrow.

did that enthernet to usb work to get your into off? I have a MyBook Live 2T and it was working fine and now it will not show up. I have connected it to another router and changed out the cables and even pluged it into the computer directly both Mac 10.7 and windows 7 and it will not show up. 

Just want to get my files off it. The dive is 4 months old and is the seconed WD drive to fail on me this year. I think they have problems with there items and they know about it.