How to retrievedata from my 1TB MBL

As of yesterday my MBL went complete dead, i mean it wasnt  getting a IP anymore.

So i disassembled the casing and got the HD out.

But now how do i get the data from that disk as windows 8.1 is asking to format that drive.

Not being stupid i ditnt do that :slight_smile:

Using the program ‘ExtFS for Windows’ i can mout the data partition to a drive letter, but that letter is not shown in the explorer window.

Anny suggestions how to retreive the data under Windows8.8

Ext3 is not natively supported by Windows, if possible try connecting the hard drive to a Linux PC. Note that opening the case voids the warranty, I would have recommended to contact support first before extracting the hard drive. You can also contact any of the WD data recovery partners on the support page, some of them offer a free evaluation.

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Not sure about your issue, but see if this helps…

In case you have software issues, after recovering your data, see Version 2 how to restore MBL.