How to retrieve smartware-backed-up files?

I just learned that WD Smartware has been discontinued; how can I retrieve backed-up files from it? WD backup (also discontinued) sees that there are smartware files but can’t retrieve them; smartware crashes every time I start it now; and the installation for Acronis has dwindled into inactivity 1/3 way through. Will Acronis be able to retrieve my smartware backup?
(an old My Passport 2TB external disk; the WD drive utilities see it and I can see manually-placed files, but not the backup).
thanks! brs

after installing Acronis, I see that it’s no help: it doesn’t even see the My Passport drive, even though the file system sees it and I can copy individual files to and from it. But neither Acronis nor WD Backup can do anything with the smartware-created backups, sigh.

Hi @brs,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: