Can I restore my WD smartware backup's with Acronis?

Hmm My backups with WD smartware stoppen working since the latest firmware upgrade of MyCloud EX2 Ultra !
How do I restore the files created with WD’s Smartware backup ?

WD Smartware backup is not supported in My Cloud OS 5 per the release notes.
Acronis True Image is not WD Smartware Backup aware.

So this really ■■■■■ !! I can’t use my old backups anymore ? Why did I even bought a NAS device of WD in the first place ?

Acronis does not seem to have an incremental backup option !!
This really ■■■■■

made a backup(lasted 2 hours) and can;t restore it ,tried all possible users/pw’s but it says access denied !!

I am not verry happy with WD at the moment

The article explains how to recover the WD Smartware data using Windows Samba.