I cannot restore my date backup done in WDsmartware

I did a WD smartware backup today as I had to clear my laptop due to being hacked and they had managed to gain access to my laptop remotely.
Backup went well but now trying to recover my data, I cannot access it to restore it back onto my laptop.
WDbackup is not able to retrieve data backed up with WDsmartware
My email is glynnemeb@hotmail.com
Many thanks. I am using windows 10
I am using WD My passport Ultra
Can someone please help me to recover my data

Hi @Gmeb,

Retrieving previously backed up content using WD SmartWare 2.0 or higher


How To Access and Recover WD SmartWare and WD Backup Data


Please note that WD SmartWare has reached it’s end of support life cycle.
For more details, please refer to Answer ID 30039 WD SmartWare End of Support and Answer ID 28740 WD Product Software Support Status
Acronis True Image for Western Digital can be used instead.

When looking at the serial number you provided us I can see that it is for WD elements drive and not my passport drive. Kindly note that WD elements drives are not compatible with the Smartware software.

List of supported drives by WD SmartWare and WD SmartWare Pro


Hi again, I have been using smart ware on my passport ultra for years without any problems. That’s strange you say the drive is different.
Anyway, I managed to sort it out. Many thanks for your support.
Kind regards,

Yes, in fact, I also face a similar problem couple of months back, I keep a backup of data and unfortunately couldn’t restore it. I don’t know what was an issue, so I try searching for some of the data recovery companies online. Here I’m sharing some software names that you can use to recover your data. I have explored so many data recovery companies like EaseUs, Wondershare, Stellar Data Recovery, and Tenor on the web. But I went up with Stellar Data Recovery software to recover my data, and, it worked perfectly fine for me, as It retrieve all my data with ease. It provides an option to select the drive you want to scan and recover the data. It’s not that expensive and its interface is user-friendly. I hope you got your answer. Thanks. If you need any help you can let me know.

Hi Amelia,

Thank you so much for your response.

I somehow managed to access the file in my WD passport, and was able to transfer the files manually back onto my laptop. I did have to download all my apps again, ie office, etc.

WD advised me to download Acronis TrueImage to use in place of Smartware, [as the lifespan of that program had ended apparently] I did a backup, which went through very simply. It is a very user friendly software package. I have not had reason to test the recovery, so cannot comment on that aspect. Hopefully I won’t need to.

Thanks once again, and I will keep your info about recovery packages should the need arise in the future.

You keep safe and well

Kind regards,


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