How to restore/read data from My Book Live via USB

I have connected WD MyBookLive to PC via USB dock (icybox), PC not recognize Hdd. One of the option: format Hdd. How can I read EXT4 files from MyBookLive Hdd? Connection via ethernet - not possible, it doesnt work.
Any ideas?

Hi ArunasV,

As My Book Live is a NAS device so it would not get recognized when connected via USB cable. If you want to connect the My Book Live directly to the computer then you have to connect it via Ethernet cable, it would show up under network in file explorer.

I tried connecting it thru a USB to Ethernet adapter. The MY BOOK LIVE web page interface finds the drive but windows does not. Suggestion? I can’t use the ethernet as that is being used by the computer for internet.

I took the hard drive out of MBL and connected it to computer via SATA to USB cable. Once you connect it to Windows PC it will ask you if you want to format it. Say no to it.

I used EasuUS recovery tool and it found all my files. I was able to view the files but I cant recover since this is the free version of the software.
I am trying now Stellar data recovery tool and it is still scanning but it will probably let me recover only 1GB of data with this free tool.

If anyone has recommendation what free tool I can utilize to try it would be great.


IMO, purchase the software and recover your files. If you are not satisfied, ask for a refund. . There should be some sort of money back guarantee or a Free Trial with this genre of software.