How to purge deleted files using SmartWare backup

I am using Smartware pro ver 2.4.16 with MyCloud home 4TB drive. I am using Smartware to backup my drive C and D to this cloud drive. Everything was working fine including retrieving files. Then I notice my drive status reported it was at capacity 100% and that all my latest files are not backed up. I estimate 1.5 TB of data on drive C and D. I got the backup set to keep only 1 older version for the history. (initial set higher). I suspect the deleted files do not get purged from MyCould and all these old deleted files are taking space.
I also notice that on the backup tab it shows 1 files not backed up while I suspect over 100 files have not been backed up.
Does anyone know how to delete old inactive documents from my backup cloud?


Have you checked out the information under the Help tab?

Use this link to look at the SmartWare User Manual if you do not have it.

If you are using Windows then open your files up using File Explorer and delete what you want to the same way you do for those on your computer.

Thanks for your help but when using Smartware, I can’t access the file explorer to view individual files. Simply not visible ( I am not aware how to access using explorer). Beside, there may be 100s or 1000s of old deleted files on the initial backups. From what I can see, they are all clearly identified in Smartware. There should be a way to purge these deleted files. See Screen shot of smartware retrieve tab.

sorry I met to say that when using Windows File Explorer, the smartware backup folder contents is not visible on the cloud drive.

as this screen shot shows, older files that been deleted long time ago along with older versions are still on the drive. I need to find

out how to purge these old files.

A suggestion, shutdown your computer, unplug the power for about one minute, plug it back in and reboot your computer. See if this brings your My Cloud/SmartWare back when you use File Explorer. I just had to do this to mine because nothing was showing under Network. Now all my computers are showing again along with both of my My Clouds.

looks like I can not get resolution and I got no response from tech support. I’ll have to find something more reliable.
thanks for all your help

With the help of TS, I had to delete my backup files on the MyCloud drive, uninstall SmartWare, reboot the PC, Re-install Smartware, start Smartware and re-program all the backup setting.
After this was done, My backup restarted on each of my drives.

It looks that there are no purge deleted files in smartware. This appears to be a work around as I saw that this function is available in newer versions of WD backup software.

Thanks for your help.