WD Smartware - files not backedup

Is it possible to clear the “WD smartware / files not backed up” list?
I have files listed that were not backup up that are almost a year old, but I cannot see any obvious way to delete the notification.

I no longer use SmartWare but what you need to do is find the location of the files not backed up and go to that location to delete them, if that is what you want to do.

I’ll see if I still have an image that shows how I did this.

This is not really an answer to my question. I have tweaked and modifed my list of files to back up. The list of files not backed up is months old and is files no longer on the backed list. The Backup message screen cannot be sorted by date either, so all of the old message are listed first.

It worked for me while I was using SmartWare. In case you don’t have it here is a link to the User Manual.

WD SmartWare Software User Manual (wdc.com) See Page 47 Number 11.

I checked my images but appears I have deleted all those involving SmartWare.

What type of files are you having a problem with?
Supported file types in WD SmartWare

I am not having problems with files. The issue is that the box that displays files that were not backed up cannot be cleared or even sorted by date. image