Removing files from 'files not backed up' list

I am using Smartware to automatically backup files from 2 Windows PCs to a 4TB single-bay MyCloud.

Before the initial backup was complete, I decided to change from ‘Category’ backup to ‘File’ backup. This seems to have completed successfully. However, I have ended up with a list of 75 files ( a mixture of types) in the ‘Files not backed up’ list.
I do not wish to backup these files (as they are in the MS Onedrive folder in my PC), but it seems the software keeps trying to do so at regular intervals and failing.

Can anyone tell me how to remove these files from the ‘files not backed up’ list? I have even tried deleting some of the original files on the PC with no effect. It is not a big problem, but does irk me a bit!

Have you read all the information provided and what is given under the Help tab? Here is a link to the SmartWare User Manual too.

Yes I have. If the answer is there, I cannot find it.

Did you ever find a solution? I have been having the same problem.

Wow, that was 7 years ago! No, I never found a solution. I don’t use WD products now. Good luck.